About Us

History of "Oklahoma Barter Exchange"

The first nation-wide barter company was founded by M.J. (Mac) McConnell & Norma Heberer in Los Angeles, California in 1960. The name ‘Business Exchange’ was acquired by Alan Elias when the parent company went out of business. Alan worked under Mac, operating an area office in Oklahoma, but soon obtained the Business Exchange name. In 2021, we changed our name to Oklahoma Barter Exchange to better reflect our area of expertise for our members.

Oklahoma Barter Exchange Today

Oklahoma Barter Exchange is a trade group of over 500 Members. It works just like a checking account providing its members the opportunity to trade products and services through barter. We are adding new client’s daily basis; most coming from referrals from current members excited by what barter has to offer. Our trade brokers give priority to meeting the needs of our clients, providing service that is professional, prompt, and friendly.


Barter Network Membership provides business professionals and entrepreneurs working with you to build your business. You can use trade dollars to purchase things you already use to run your business. Examples of these are: Advertising, Credit Card Processing Service, Bookkeeping/ Payroll /Tax Services, Phone Service & Repair, Computer Service & Repair, Company Uniforms, Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies, Window Washing, Pest Control, and much, much, more! Barter is a great way to free up the cash you would normally be setting aside for these expenses. It just makes good business sense.

Networking / Relationship Building

With monthly breakfast and luncheon meetups, mixers, trade shows, expos and events, we provide opportunities for our members to intermingle, build relationships and market their products and services.

Verna Claybrook President

Verna Claybrook, President and Operations Manager of the Oklahoma Barter Exchange, 5970 East 31st Street, Suite P in Tulsa, has twenty-five years experience as a female entrepreneur with an emphasis on customer service. She has been with the Oklahoma Barter Exchange over twenty-five years. Through her years at the company, she has been mentored by the founder of the company who basically stays in the background and lets Verna take charge and lead the way of the daily business operations of this unusual company.

The Oklahoma Barter Exchange network of small businesses depends on Verna who loves her members and it shows in so many ways. She has the trust of the members because she works hard at conserving their cash and giving 24-7 service. The members, in turn, appreciate and enjoy working with her. She has the expertise to create fun and excitement in many ways including various barter trade shows, mixers and events throughout the year for the members.

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Alan Elias President Emeritus

Alan affords business professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to trade for goods and services, expanding their market and customer base, and building an additional stream of income through the use of Barter Checks. He believes ethics, loyalty, pride in one's goods or service and member run organizations is the way to build success.

Developer of the Broker – Registered Trade Executive Concept, his former positions include President of the Oil Capital Chamber of Commerce, Sr. VP of BXI Trade Exchange, Inc., LA, 20 year franchise holder of BXI Trade Exchange, Inc., La, President of BX, Inc, New Orleans, and Board Elect – Louisiana Gulf Coast Herpetological Society. A Board Member on Safari Joe's Wildlife Rescue, a USDA Captive Breeder of Galapagos Tortoises Cities Appendix I, he is a father, grandfather, great-grandfather and avid sportsman.

Alan gives back to the community through his support of The Little Light House, an Oklahoma based special needs children's charity.